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To sign up send an email to:

tremolomedia@yahoo.com with the subject "OLD-NEW" and put your name in the body of the email.  (Please note order and number of songs/minutes for each performer will be determined at event.  Expect between 1 - 2 songs depending on how many performers there are.) [PLEASE SIGN UP ONLY IF YOU KNOW YOU CAN ATTEND.  THANKS! :) ]


Newburyport's Congregation Ahavas Achim has partnered with the Massachusetts based folk duo, The Lied To’s to launch The Old New Coffeehouse.  The inaugural event took place on March 31, 2019 at the Ahavas Achim temple in Newburyport, MA. and was a huge success!  Our next Old-New Coffeehouse takes place Sunday, March 15, 2020 at 7pm at the Avahas Achim temple in Newburyport.


The coffeehouse will include an open mic for local performers and culminate with a 45 min concert by north shore band, The Bob Kramer Trio. Check out their website here.  The Lied To's open with a 15 minute set. In the tradition of the classic folk coffeehouses around New England, the organizers plan to make the Old New Coffeehouse a recurring event, featuring top songwriters in the New England area, with a goal to help foster a sense of community and artistic expression within the confines of today’s complicated social and political climate.

The idea for the coffeehouse arose from a conversation between Susan Levine, one half of The Lied To’s and a Newburyport resident, and the synagogue's Rabbi, Ben Resnick, this past October. Levine had just attended the vigil held at Ahavas Achim after the shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. “It had been such a devastating week,” says Levine. ”I brought my kids to the vigil out of a need to find some comfort. When we got there, it was standing room only, with a line of people extending outside and down the street – people of all faiths, from different places and backgrounds, all coming together. There was grief but also a beautiful feeling of community and support.” Levine was so inspired by the experience and by the Rabbi's sermon that she wrote a song. She sent it to the Rabbi, which sparked a discussion about finding ways to continue that sense of community by using music to bring people together. A coffeehouse seemed like a natural fit.


The name, The Old New Coffeehouse, has its origins in Jewish tradition, as well as it literally being a new event in a very old building. “A prominent theme in Jewish thought,” states Rabbi Resnick, “is the paradoxical idea that that which is utterly new is, in fact, ancient. And when we hope for redemption we ask to renew our days as of old. Hence, the Old-New Coffeehouse. New connections, ancient rhythms.”

The Old New Coffeehouse will be held at Congregation Ahavas Achim, at 53 ½ Washington St, Newburyport, MA 01950.

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