Order your own copy of The Lied To's new 4-song EP, to be released
just before their trip down to Nashville to return once again to the
legendary Bluebird Cafe!  Your purchase of the EP and/or our other
items listed will help us A LOT with our expenses for the trip! 
Thank you so much!

 BEST of the MONTH playlist - NO DEPRESSION

"The Worst Kind of New is the best kind of hurt." - folk radio -UK

 "Just beautiful... an outstanding record!" - Mark Michaelis, ACOUSTIC HARMONY, WGDR - VT



The Lied To's brand new album, The Worst Kind of New dropped on 3/11/22. You can order/get your hard copy CD, along with downloadable .wav & mp3 files directly from The Lied To's on this website via paypal or venmo. 

For USA only send $20.00 (which includes shipping and handling) and include your name and address and what you are purchasing. 
Venmo: @liedtomusic 
Pay Pal:

You can also listen above and purchase high quality files from bandcamp above by clicking "buy" above.